Become an Associate Producer

To wire in Bitcoins or Ethereum, thank you for following these steps very carefully:


1. Wire 0.5 BTC to the following address:
3AovC4KRrN3hJmqdvMtNhqgDj526qCY5d1 or Bitcoin QR Code

or 13 ETH to 0xCB436F9Bf40F847A4a336065A7BdeF4F2fdA7988 or Ethereum QR Code

(or directly the early bird amount if you have a referral code/coupon)


2. Fill up the form bellow and click on "SEND"


We will get notified of your purchase and contact you within the following days.

WARNING: make sure to follow each step really carefully and to not forget any information
or we won't be able to know where the pledge comes from and, therefore, we won't be able to send you the reward!

Your reward includes a DVD or Blu-Ray of the film. Which one would you prefer?