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    The Blood Machines NFTs

    Blood Machines launched exclusive NFTs!

    But what is an NFT, you ask? An NFT (non fungible token) is nothing but a secure (blockchain-based) certificate of ownership to a virtual asset.

    The issued Blood Machines NFTs is virtual collectibles on the film (such as characters, spaceships, weapons...). These collectibles are divided in 3 categories: cards, gifs & videos.

    Where to buy them?

    The Blood Machines NFTs are sold on, Cascade8’s NFT marketplace (powered by Opensea and based on the Ethereum blockchain) or directly on Opensea.


    To buy the Blood Machines NFTs, you need to equip yourself with your nicest crypto wallet (ex: Coinbase, MetaMask...)

    No wallet? No problem. Click here to learn how to set up a MetaMask wallet.



    The parties involved in Blood Machines (its directors - Seth Ickerman and its production company - Logical Pictures) have teamed up with Cascade8 (Logical Pictures's tech subsidiary) to offer an exclusive NFT collection on the film.



    If you have any questions regarding the Blood Machines NFTs, please contact